Our Products Are

Aluminum Free

Unlike conventional deodorants, Tandem never uses aluminum. This means toxins won’t get trapped in the your child’s skin.

Cruelty Free

Ethics are important to us. For this reason, Tandem has never and will never test our products on animals.

No Baking Soda

Tandem is non-irritating because we leave out the baking soda. We do it for the kids.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Unlike some natural deodorants, Tandem contains plant-based, vegan friendly ingredients. No beeswax here!

Natural and Thoughtful Ingredients

Tandem is a safe and effective natural deodorant made exclusively for kids. We use ingredients you understand and trust. Tandem is not only sweat activated, but it also contains important ingredients that have a high source of antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin C.  This means Tandem deodorant works to prevent itchy armpits and rashes. It will naturally hydrate your kid’s pits without clogging their pores, while calming inflammatory skin conditions.

Balanced Protection

Tandem Natural Deodorant pairs wonderfully with kids. Our deodorant provide effective protection against odor while being gentle enough for daily use on their sensitive skin.

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